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Worker Bees Team Member

Posted: 05/24/2020

We are looking for a few good men and women! Here is our application process: 1. You pick up an application from The Hive (504 Dr Martin Luther King Jr Dr W), fill it out and drop it back off to us. (If no one is there, fold it lengthwise and put in the mail slot in the door.) 2. We review your application and you wait patiently to hear from us. 3. If we feel you are a good candidate, we contact you for an interview. 4. You show up for the interview. (Important.) 5. We ask you questions. 6. You impress us. 7. We run a background check and call your references. 8. We make a decision and contact you. 9. We work together for a trial period where you show us how dependable, friendly, and hardworking you are. 10. We make you an official Worker Bee. 11. You follow our mission statement daily. 12. We all live happily ever after.

Positions are limited and this is an awesome place to work so don’t wait to apply!